You can buy Black Perigord Truffle by the gram!

Black Winter Truffles from Perigord

Perigord is renouned for the black winter truffles that are found in the surrounding forests. Our truffle hunters know those forests like the back of their hands and while they won’t tell anyone where exactly the truffles hide, they certainly know how to find them.

Fresh from the ground to your door

Our black perigord truffles will be hunted down in the forest by the dogs, collected by the truffle hunters and courriered to your kitchen table in any quantity you want as fresh as the moment they were plucked from their earthy home. We vacuum pack them, and send them to you so they arrive on Friday, ready for your weekend cooking. Once you open your vacuum packed black Perigord truffle, you will be hit by the fantastic truffle smell. To store your summer truffle until you need it, just leave it in it’s plastic casing in the fridge until you need it. Your MisterTruffle black Perigord truffle will last up to 5 days, but it’s best to use it as soon as you can to get the absolute best of it’s magnificent aroma.

Delicious quality

Your black winter truffle from Perigord has an exquisite earthy aroma with pungent floral notes. It is well enjoyed shaved or grated over fresh pasta. But why not surprise everyone at your dinner party by creating a black truffle desert?!