The Week In Truffles

This week has been an eclectic mix.  Everything from wine tastings to truffle pork pie auctions.  Here are some of the highlights from mister truffle this week.


At Mister Truffle we are on a mission to make truffles more accessible to everyone in the UK.  So, when I suggested to Lynne at Brays Cottage that she makes a Truffle Pork Pie last week I was delighted when she said yes!  I was, however, suprised how quickly it all came together! On Friday a truffle pork pie was born and today it fetched £180 at auction. (it was auctioned on Twitter using the hashtag #truffleporkpie, and was a fantastic Sunday afternoon of truffle pork pie madness!)  Congratulations to @radeboi who won it!

Valentine’s Rush

We’re in the middle of black winter truffle season at the moment, and with Valentine’s day round the corner we’ve had a busy week getting all the orders out. Happily there are now boxes of Mister Truffle black winter truffles wing-ing their way all over the UK.  We’ve also had the pleasure of running a Valentine’s promotion with Theatre of Wine in Greenwich and that’s meant Mister Truffle has been hitting the streets flyering, something I haven’t done since university.

Shorter Season

This week I found out that because of a severe winter, the French black winter truffle season is likely to end earlier than usual, at the end of February. Next week, I will be looking at the more southerly truffle regions to extend the season for our customers.

Truffle Tasting

On Thursday evening, I was down at Theatre of Wine for a truffle tasting.  As part of our Valentine’s promotion, I popped down to give out a little taste of black winter truffle with their Nebbiolo tasting.  Needless to say, there were a lot of happy wine lovers!


As part of my mission to truffle England I am collating truffle recipes from the classic to the crazy.  This week, I will start posting these recipes on and over the coming months will be building up the ultimate truffle recipe centre to help enthusiastic chefs put truffles on the menu.

Catch us next week to find out what has been going on at Mister Truffle.

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